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Gold items are valued by the specialist of "Lombard Street" LLC with this values

Purity Value
585 11000
750 14000
916 17000
956 17700
999 18400
Updated 31/03/2017

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Other valuables may be used in relation to the gold item being valued and the borrower's financial history.

Car mortgages

Loan currency AMD
Loan term 180 day
Loan amount 1000.000 - 10.000.000 AMD
Annual nominal interest rate of the loan 48 %
Borrowers age 18 - 65 years old
Loan interest calculation method Loan interest calculation method
Method of loan disbursement Cash, lump sum
Pledge A car whose production date at the time of pledge should not be older than
  • for Russian -made cars- 5 years,
  • for cars made in other countries - 12 years
Loan/pledge maximum value 50% of the liquid value of pledged car
Valuation of pledge The pledge is subject to valuation by the pawnshop employee of '' Lombard Street" LLC.
The valuation is free of charge:
Location of pledge The car remains in the possession of the Organization in a specially protected area.
Penalty for early payment of the loan Not charged
Repayment of the loan principal At the end of the lum sum loan term
Loan interest payment Every 30 days , according to the schedule defined in the contract.
  • In case of non-fulfillment of the loan obligations, the collateral will be confiscated and the collateral will be sold through public bargaining.
  • The pawnbroker has the right to calculate a penalty for the outstanding liability in the amount of twice the annual nominal interest rate of the loan.
Place of provision Place of activity of the company: Yerevan, Komitas 22- 50
Term for making a loan application decision and informing the client After 10 minutes valuating the car
Term of loan provision Within 30 minutes after submitting the necessary documents for the loan
Positive loan decision factors The loan can be provided if the borrower and collateral meets the criteria set out in these terms
Lone rejection factors The loan can be rejected if
  • Client and/or collateral do not meet the criteria set out in these terms
  • Other factors
Annual interest rate of the loan 59 - 68 %


Credit application review documents


  • Identification document
  • Certificate of state registration of ownership of the pledged car
  • Inspection passport of pledge car
  • Reference on restrictions on the alienation of the vehicle from the Traffic Police of the Repulic of Armenia
  • Certificate of seizure of the pledged car in the name of the company from Traffic Police of the Republic of Armenia.
  • Other documents